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Three Cremation Options


Private Cremation - Private cremations are prioritized first. With this selection, your pet is cremated individually. Included with the service, you may also opt to have private time with your pet, and witness the start of the service from a private room.

Partitioned Cremation - With this selection, your pet is cremated with other pets. All pets are separated by fire bricks and uniquely identified using our Secure ID Tracking System to assure you that it is your pet coming home.

Communal Cremation - This selection is for those families who choose for McAlister-Smith to keep the cremated remains and bury them beside the pond outside of our West Ashley location.


Pet Pricing Block



We gladly bring your pet into our care from your Veterinarian's office or from your home. Please contact us for after-hours pick-up fees.

You are welcome to bring your pet directly to any of our four locations.




Saying Goodbye

We understand how important it is to say goodbye to every member of your family. If you wish, you may have a private family goodbye at our facilities. This may help provide a safe place for the healing to begin for you and your family.

Please contact us for more information.

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