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The purpose of a funeral or memorial service is to commemorate a life that has concluded. It is a chance to remember, and to celebrate the person who has died for all they were in this world. Funerals and cremations in Hanahan, SC also serve to comfort surviving family and friends who live on. The services mark the importance of the moment in our lives, as we grieve and move forward, healing and adjusting to life without our loved one.


The best services are planned with thoughtful consideration about how the occasion will look. If you’re preparing to lay a loved one to rest, take time to think about the following details as you begin planning their funeral or memorial service.




You likely won’t have an exact headcount of how many people will come to a funeral service. You simply do your best to get a sense of how many may come so that you can be sure there is adequate seating for those who do. You can start by getting a general headcount of those you expect will attend. Start with the names of family and close friends.


From there, consider the network connections that the person had in life. This will vary, depending on the stage and age of life they were in when they died. If they were still working, some of the colleagues and close contacts may attend. Other groups to consider include sport and hobby friends, civic clubs, religious connections, etc.


You should directly contact family and close connections to inform them about the death and funeral plans. Less familiar contacts and acquaintances can receive the news through email or social media, or obituary notice in print or digital form.


Disposition of Remains


You’ll need to decide what to do with the mortal remains of the person that has passed on. If they established advance funeral planning or made any of their wishes known, you can use this information to guide your decision.


The most common means of caring for the body is casket burial or cremation. Both styles of care are dignified in their own right and have their particular advantages. Funeral services are generally held soon after death has occurred, with the body present at the services with family and friends in attendance. A viewing, funeral, and graveside committal held in the traditional sense is a time-honored way to honor the fallen and provide the framework of ritual and comfort to the living.


Cremation care is another meaningful way to care for the body of the deceased. It can occur immediately after death, or it can be delayed until the family can gather and say goodbye. Some families choose cremation as the final disposition after a viewing and funeral service is held. Simple or direct cremations are the least expensive option, where the body of the deceased is taken from their place of death directly to the crematorium for processing without any tribute service beforehand. Another widely practiced application is pet cremation for four-legged members of the family.


Service Style


How you choose to commemorate the deceased is another important point to consider. Celebrations of life are as unique as the person they honor. A traditional funeral service is one way to do it, but there are others. A funeral reception and celebration in honor of the deceased are another. A memorial service with an ash scattering ceremony can also be held. Personalizing the service can be done however best suits you.


From special Harley-Davidson or horse-drawn carriage services to live streaming of the funeral or memorial to video tributes, memorabilia, catering, and grief support. How you mourn your fallen loved one is entirely up to you. A quality funeral home and cremations provider in Hanahan, SC can help you to plan and carry out the service you wish to have for your loved one.


When and Where


The day and date you hold services must be considered and finalized as soon as possible. All other arrangements are based on these details. A venue must be reserved, supporting services must be booked, dates and times shared with those who will come, etc. Think about where you would like to hold the funeral or memorial gathering. Common locations include funeral homes, houses of worship, community centers, at a residential home, and even outdoors at a graveside.


Services Officiator


As early as possible, you’ll want to find help leading and conducting services. They are often led by faith leaders, such as a pastor, priest, or rabbi. They can also be led by a secular leader, such as a funeral director, celebrant, family member, or friend. Whoever agrees to help, be sure to give them plenty of time to prepare.


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