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The level of service given by the entire McAlister-Smith staff sets them apart from other funeral homes. The experience and professionalism of the directors allow for family members and friends to do their grieving in a safe and supportive environment. We're dedicated to providing personalized, professional, and compassionate services to help lighten your burden and support you through the difficult times that follow the loss of a loved one. 


Our funeral home offers a warm, comfortable, family-oriented environment with tasteful interior decor. Our facilities accommodate all types of funerals and memorials large and small, public or private. You can trust us to guide you through the arrangements necessary and ensure that your family has a proper, respectful, and meaningful ceremony celebrating the life of your loved one who has passed. Call us today!


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When a loved one dies, the work of laying them to rest begins. Emotional grief and heartache will likely be with you. Yet, with the help of family, friends, and a compassionate funeral and cremations provider in James Island, SC, you will be able to pass through this difficult chapter of life. McAlister-Smith Funeral & Cremation James Island is just such a firm. When you work with us, you’ll receive careful guidance, based on your specific needs.


The type of tribute and disposition service you choose is up to you and your family. If the deceased did any advance funeral planning in life, those details can guide the arrangement process and their preferred choice between funeral services with casket burial and memorial services with cremation care. If you’re not sure which tribute and disposition option is best, there are advantages to each. There is no one right way to do it. You can hold a traditional funeral service then cremate and care for the ashes as you decide. Further guidance can be received from our funeral and cremations professionals in James Island, SC, if you have additional need for support.


Advantages of Traditional Funerals


Traditional funerals are a time-honored means of caring for a deceased loved one. They typically include a viewing service, funeral ceremony, and graveside gathering. Friends and family often find great comfort at a viewing reception where they can say their goodbyes in an informal setting.


Funeral gatherings mark the occasion with meaningful ritual according to belief and cultural norms. The best funerals are personalized to reflect the life and story of the person that has died, and the relationships they shared in life. And the graveside ceremony is the final intimate moments before the body is laid to final rest.


Advantages of Memorial Services


A memorial can be held without the presence of the deceased’s physical body. Because of this, memorial celebrations of life are more flexible in how they are conducted. They can be held in a variety of ways and locations. For those who wish to conduct a memorial service as part of an ash scattering ceremony, the occasion can be done without concern for embalmment, or care of remains prior to final disposition.


Advantages of Casket Burials


Burying a loved one in a casket at a local cemetery provides a certainty of location. It allows those who grieve a place to visit and to remember the person who has died. As frequently as desired, friends and survivors can visit the grave of their deceased loved one. The casket with the body of the deceased is also typically present at funeral services, lending comfort and connection with the attendees as part of the ceremony.


Advantages of Cremation


On its own, cremation care is less expensive than a traditional funeral. This makes it much more practical for modern families with less discretionary income to pay for the cost of embalmment, casket, vault, burial plot, memorial products, etc. Many consider cremation to be less damaging to the environment because there is no legal requirement to use chemicals to preserve the body. These chemicals are known to eventually find their way into cemetery soils, where they pollute the earth and nearby water sources.


Cremation service also provides easy transportability of remains from one location to the next. Because modern families move more frequently than those in generations past, there is a desire to keep their deceased loved one nearby. Cremation facilitates this wish.


Many families also choose pet cremation for the furry four-legged members of their family. This provides many families with a sense of care and closure for a creature that brought them so much happiness in life.


Personalized Funerals and Cremations in James Island, SC


Today’s families are looking for a personalized funeral or memorial service. The traditional one-size-fits-all approach to caring for the deceased is not a normal practice in the industry. Rather, individuals and families want to honor their loved one in the unique way that they deem best. That may include specified Harley-Davidson or horse-drawn carriage services, film tributes, memorabilia displays, or other highly personalized detail that connects families and friends with their fallen loved ones.


People attend funerals and memorial services because of the relationship they had with the person who died. If they don’t feel connected to the deceased in the service proceedings, they may leave not feeling comforted or benefited in any meaningful way. In fact, they could even be hurt by the impersonal nature of the occasion. It’s important to get this right.


Care for the Living and Deceased


At McAlister-Smith Funeral & Cremation James Island, our experienced team of caring funeral professionals is committed to helping families in their time of heartache and loss. When you need a funeral home and cremations provider in James Island, SC, call on us for help. Find us at 347 Folly Rd Charleston, SC 29412. Call today at (843) 614-8494.


Funeral & Cremation FAQs

  • What is a concierge service?
  • Services that you don’t automatically think of your funeral director, but that we are willing and able to handle for you: ie. Arranging to have your lawn mowed, picking up dry cleaning, making arrangements for pet care, etc. Learn more.
  • What is included in a military funeral?
  • A standard military funeral includes a military chaplain for family members, flag presentation service, and a final salute at a gravesite. Learn more.
  • What is a direct cremation?


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